Earn $30 Monthly Connecting and Chatting with Your Phone

Gzi Me is a social networking platform that connects users all over the world and rewards them up to $30 monthly for building content and engaging with one another

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Click the WhatsApp button above to invite and earn $0.01 per referral sign up. Refresh to see your new referral balance.  Once you have $0.02 in your referral balance, click the Upgrade button to remove any blockage on your account.

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Do not invite yourself otherwise it won't work. Feel free to invite more even if there's no blockage on your account.

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Gzi Me rewards active users up to $8 monthly for connecting with one another. You earn $0.1 for your first post each day, $0.01 anytime you comment and $0.01 anytime you follow. Earnings for follows are updated every three hours but earnings for posts and comments are displayed immediately you click the Home button to refresh.
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Payment of $8 is made to top earners on the list based on a 1:18 active user/subscriber ratio afterwhich all balances are reset to zero to restart the contest. For example: if 18M users subscribe in a month, payment of $8 is made to the first 1M earners on the list regardless of their actual earnings afterwhich all balances are reset to zero to restart the contest.

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Gzi Me has a premium plan which costs 0.09 USD monthly as well as a free plan. Users on the premium plan can post, comment, like and view posts and comments of all users while those on the free plan are only able to view posts and comments. All new users have a chance to experience the premium plan for a day.

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