Standard Plus


Standard Plus gives you:

1,750,000 visits to your website/app/social media page in a month so you can sell more and get more downloads.

We shall create a game app and Google AdMob account for you in two weeks so you can earn $50 – $500 monthly from Google AdMob without having to go through the stress of clicking ads and earning points on Gzi Me unless you wish. If you need more than one game app, please, indicate in the box by changing the “1” in the box to your choice. You may also make this payment if you need a website or mobile app for your business. However, websites do not come with an AdMob account.

Please, Note:

You are paying more on the Standard Plus plan only once because of your new game app and Google AdMob registration which will be created in two weeks. A member of our Support team will chat with you within twenty-four hours after making payment. From next month, please continue your monthly subscription on the Standard Plus Standard plan.