Gzi is uniquely built to enable you connect very quickly thereby leading to quick publicity of your products and services without the need for any additional social media marketing. For this unique service, a monthly subscription fee of $0.99USD is required.

Moreso, you earn $0.05 for your first post in a day, $0.01 anytime you comment or follow, and $0.10 when your invited friends subscribe. Earnings for posts, comments and invites are shown when you click the Home icon to refresh but earnings for Follows are updated every three hours. You will be able to withdraw $1 - $30 from your total earnings if you are among top one thousand earners (Top 1k) by 11.59pm UTC, 7th of each month.

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Please, Choose One

  1. Invite two friends (registration is free) -> Earn $0.02 and -> Use your earnings to subscribe for 7 days OR
  2. Subscribe for 30 days with $0.99 Bitcoin or from Referral Balance
    No Bitcoin wallet? Sign up on Binance OR pay with Nigerian Naira

As a Nigerian opting for the 30-Day subscription, simply transfer 888 to: 

  • 7352890717
  • Wema Bank
  • Account Name: PAYOUTSUB (Agent: Chris Chukwunyere) 

then click 09056186941 to whatsapp your payment screenshot and username and have your referral account credited with $0.99 in three hours so you can proceed to subscribe.

Wallet Follow Total

You will be paid $1 - $30 from your earnings on the 8th of the month if you request withdrawal before 11.59pm UTC 7th of the month and are among top 1k Total earners at exactly that time. As Gzi expands, more than one thousand users who request will be paid.

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